A Divergent & Fresh Look at Hiring a Wedding Celebrant - Aileen Dockerty, Wedding Officiant and Celebrant
Celebrant conducting wedding and funeral ceremonies and marriage officiant licensed by the Province of Ontario throughout Durham Region, York Region, Toronto and Ontario.
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A Divergent & Fresh Look at Hiring a Wedding Celebrant

A Divergent & Fresh Look at Hiring a Wedding Celebrant

Your ceremony? Make it Personal!

Besides Larry King and Donald Trump, most of us view our wedding as a once in a lifetime day. The pictures and video preserve the memories, but the day itself flies by. Since the most important day of your life goes by in a blink of an eye, why not make the ceremony as special as the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with?

Using us as your wedding celebrant is the answer. We provide readings from the book of YOU. Celebrants are great way to personalize your ceremony with some fun, fresh ideas. Want Uncle Todd to actually listen to the ceremony and not check his fantasy football team? Give him something worth listening to.

Here are 3 reasons how we can make your great day even better:


Think of a wedding as a football game, minus the concussions, hopefully. For the ceremony, the priest or rabbi is the coach and you and your partner are the players. With a wedding celebrant, you help call the plays and decide how heartfelt or humorous you want the ceremony to be. You can go the conservative route with some readings and poems or you can stretch the field with lyrics from your favorite Taylor Swift song. Help craft this moment so afterwards there’s no bad blood.


You belong to a church, he doesn’t. He belongs to a Temple, you’re as Christian as Tim Tebow. So what does this all mean?  It means finding time to find the institution that will marry the two of you could become a stressful situation. We take the stress out of it and let you be involved or as non-involved as you want to be. It’s your marriage and your life so put your stamp on it.


There’s nothing wrong with going the traditional route but having a personalized ceremony adds to the excitement of love swirling around that day. The joy you feel from looking at the person you’re deciding to take on life with is only amplified by the words that reflect who you are. Maybe the spirit of your relationship needs to be captured in a certain way. Or maybe you just want to rebel against your parents. Make the day your own and shoot us a message!

This piece was written for us by Josh Womack, who is the head writer at Laugh Staff, a company that specializes in writing hilarious wedding toasts. Check them out.

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