Handfasting - Aileen Dockerty, Wedding Officiant and Celebrant
Celebrant conducting wedding and funeral ceremonies and marriage officiant licensed by the Province of Ontario throughout Durham Region, York Region, Toronto and Ontario.
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A primarily Celtic tradition practiced as a form of marriage or betrothal many centuries ago in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man (island between England and Ireland in the North Sea) and, believe it or not, the region of Brittany in France as well (hence the name Brittany).

Handfasting has re-emerged in current years with couples celebrating their Celtic heritage in all parts of the world (and those without a Celtic background) including right here in Ontario.  Handfasting is often included as an important component in their wedding ceremony but also full handfasting ceremonies are sometimes requested by couples with pagan and wiccan beliefs which are often entered into without any legalities.

Our blog article on handfasting provides a brief description of the custom and given the variations for a handfasting ceremony, bindings used and vows spoken.  Here is a link: Handfasting, handfasting, let me count the ways!

For this page, however, given many questions raised by our clients, here are just a few possible handfasting options and the braids and/or tartans used.

A collection of our handfasting braids are set out below.  Contact us for further information.

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Custom Handfasting Braids made by us

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