Honour a Deceased Family Member at a Wedding Ceremony - Aileen Dockerty, Wedding Officiant and Celebrant
Celebrant conducting wedding and funeral ceremonies and marriage officiant licensed by the Province of Ontario throughout Durham Region, York Region, Toronto and Ontario.
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Honour a Deceased Family Member at a Wedding Ceremony

Using a man's tie for remembrance

Honour a Deceased Family Member at a Wedding Ceremony

Many Different Ways to Remember Someone Special at a Wedding Ceremony

It is an often difficult task to remember someone who has been lost at a joyous wedding ceremony but it can be done in many different ways – each to suit different tastes and the relationship itself.

Here are some ideas for your Wedding Ceremony:

  • Wrap wedding bouquet(s) with a tie/scarf or other garment he/she wore.
  • Use a charm/picture frame on the bride’s shoes, this especially works for a bride with a father or grandfather’s photo showing that male family member as symbolically walking the bride down the aisle at the wedding ceremony.
  • A charm picture frame or locket can either be attached as a single photo to the wedding bouquet or numerous picture frames can be attached to ribbons flowing from the bouquet to enhance the look.
  • Memorial pictures can be placed on a tree if outside or wall where the wedding ceremony is taking place. A quote could be attached stating “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us very day…unseen, unheard but always, near, still loved, still missed and very dear”.
  • A memory table can be set up at the wedding venue to include photos, candles etc. – the photo above shows such a table.
  • Favourite music/song played at the wedding ceremony and/or reception
  • Candle(s) or a lantern can be symbolically lit, one for each family member at the beginning, during or at end of the wedding ceremony.
  • A photo can be sewn inside the bride’s wedding gown.
  • Anyone can wear a piece of jewellery or item of clothing that belonged to a loved one for the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Leave a chair at the wedding ceremony and/or reception with an item of clothing, photograph, piece of jewellery, flowers, medal, hat (all or any). A sign stating the chair is for a deceased loved one as well – a photo is below.
  • A handwritten note from a deceased loved can be sewn into the bride’s wedding dress or groom’s suit/tux.
  • Cut a piece of man’s shirt and sew it onto the wedding dress in a heart or other shape (if it is blue – as something blue) or another accent.
  • Hang a ring or other appropriate piece of jewellery onto a bracelet or necklace the bride (or groom) is wearing at the wedding ceremony
  • Carry a family heirloom he/she owned down the aisle (eg. Small book, purse, wallet etc.)….depending upon size!
  • Consider a lantern release at night/balloon release during the day
  • Use their favourite flowers in bouquet/boutonniere.

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