Marriage Officiant and Wedding Celebrant in Durham/York Region,Toronto
Celebrant conducting wedding and funeral ceremonies and marriage officiant licensed by the Province of Ontario throughout Durham Region, York Region, Toronto and Ontario.
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Your Marriage Officiants and Celebrants

Customized, Memorable and Meaningful Ceremonies and Marriage Officiant Services

As marriage officiants, wedding ceremony specialists and certified Wedding Celebrants, we believe that a couple planning to marry should have a wealth of choices for their wedding ceremony. We are able to provide you with any type of wedding ceremony that you want at a location of your choice.

Your ceremony can be completely spiritual yet can include some religion and meaningful elements which are right for you.

Your wedding ceremony can also include a small amount of religion instead of a full religious ceremony. As an example, with a couple of meaningful readings, a prayer and a religious blessing depending upon your wishes.  Also consider adding some special elements such as handfasting or perhaps a rock or ring warming ceremony as part of your special day.

For more information on wedding ceremonies and the wedding celebrant difference, please visit our blog.

Providing many different types of wedding ceremonies.

As certified Wedding Celebrants (and Ontario licensed marriage officiants), we also are able to include special ceremony elements to your wedding ceremony which are derived from different cultures and traditions from other countries. Special elements are very symbolic and add significantly to the beauty of your ceremony to make it even more special. Please see our Wedding Packaging and Pricing page for detailed information.

custom written personal ceremonies.

A ceremony all about you and your relationship and future marriage. Our marriage officiant and celebrant ceremonies will be just right for you.

For those who want a short and small ceremony, a distinctive modern wedding ceremony, or a themed wedding ceremony, we are pleased to be able to provide those services as well.

No matter what type of ceremony you choose, we are able to make your ceremony completely meaningful and memorable.

Renewal of Vows

As wedding officiants and celebrants, we recognize that it is important for many couples at varying times throughout their marriage to renew their vows, sometimes more than once.

We take great pleasure in creating these types of ceremonies as they are a true testament of the beauty and commitment of marriage.

Vow renewal

We can also provide a location and all other wedding services you may need for your wedding.

Custom Written Celebrant Ceremonies

Custom Celebrant weddings are written and designed exclusively for you. Your ceremony will be completely distinctive and personalized because, we:

  • Don’t use cookie cutter or pre-set ceremonies
  • We write every word
  • The ceremony is uniquely yours

Custom Wedding Ceremonies cost a little more. However, the value of your ceremony will continue in the years to come.

You can buy a mass produced item anywhere which will be adequate, but anything custom made will be something that is right for you. Our ceremonies are never the same, and will not be the same as the one performed for somebody you know who married last Saturday. Please contact us for more information without obligation.

Find out more about our packages and pricing: