When Should You Book Your Wedding Celebrant

The Availability Issue – When to Book Your Wedding Celebrant

This has become an incredibly difficult obstacle I have been facing recently and that is the availability issue.  Given that there are only a handful of certified Celebrants in Ontario, it is important to book a Celebrant as early as possible.  As a Wedding Celebrant and Ontario Licensed Wedding Officiant, please remember that without us, it’s just a party.

Timing is Everything – Book Your Wedding Celebrant Sooner rather than Later

So when should you book your Celebrant (the person who can legally marry you and conduct your personal, customized or custom written ceremony)?  In short, as soon as possible!  In fact I’m going to say it should be a top 3 decision.  Date, Venue and Celebrant/Officiant.  Often the Celebrant is booked last and I am increasingly hearing from couples that they have focused their attention on the other aspects of their wedding rather than the person who will actually legally marry them.

Statistics are clear that most weddings in Canada take place in summer and in the fall. In October and even into November couples are now planning a wedding to take place indoors and very often outdoors. So if you plan on marrying during that time frame, it is very important to think far ahead.  Add to that certain specific dates on the calendar, the holiday season and the months of spring that it certainly makes sense and cause less stress to book early.

Importance of Your Wedding Ceremony

Aside from the fact it includes the legal component for your marriage, your wedding ceremony will set the tone for the rest of your wedding day.  It’s incredibly important that you find someone you both genuinely feel comfortable around, will support and assist you through the wedding ceremony planning process and that you don’t end up in an ‘anyone will do’ situation.

A wedding ceremony is the part of your wedding day that creates so many memories, and not just a boring but necessary way to legally marry.  For that reason (among many), it is just as important to focus your attention on your wedding ceremony as well as the food, attire, entertainment and location.

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Because no, just anyone won’t do!

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