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A wine box/love letter ceremony is a romantic and symbolic ritual often performed during a wedding ceremony.  This is one of the most popular special elements and I frequently receive requests for this wonderful and meaningful tradition for inclusion in a wedding ceremony.

A wine box/love letter ceremony involves writing heartfelt letters to each other and keeping them in a box along with a bottle of wine. The box is then closed during the ceremony and meant to be opened on a future date or milestone, such as a specific anniversary, a significant life event, or when the couple faces a challenge in their relationship. The ceremony is a beautiful way for couples to express their love and commitment to one another and also to look back on their thoughts and feelings on their wedding day.

Other items can be placed in the box as well, if space permits, including any small gifts or mementoes chosen by the couple.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of a wine box love letter ceremony:

preparation for the wine box/love letter ceremony

Select a wine box to hold the letters and the bottle of wine.

You should definitely select a bottle of wine that will age well over time which is a very important factor!

writing the letters

Before the ceremony, each partner writes a heartfelt letter to their spouse or partner. In these letters, they can express their feelings, love, hopes, dreams, and promises for the future.

The letters can be as personal as the couple wishes, and there are no specific rules regarding its content. The important thing is that they are truly personal.

sealing the letters

After writing the letters, each partner places their letter in an envelope, seals it, and addresses it to their spouse or partner.  The letters are not meant to be read by anyone else, including the person who wrote them, until the designated future date.

placing the letters in the box (and any other mementos)

During the ceremony, the couple places the sealed letters in the wooden box along with the chosen bottle of wine.

Some couples also include other meaningful items, such as mementos or small gifts in the box to create the couple’s very own time capsule.

sealing the box

Once the letters and wine are in the box, the couple seals it shut. This sealing symbolizes their commitment to each other and their intention to open the box together at a later date.

setting a date to open the box

The couple should decide on a specific future date or event when they will open the box. This could be a significant anniversary, milestone, or a time when they might need a reminder of their love and commitment.  The most popular future dates are either on the couple’s 5th or 10th wedding anniversary.

opening the box

When the designated date or event arrives, the couple opens the box together, reads the letters they wrote to each other, and shares the bottle of wine.

This can be a deeply emotional and meaningful experience, as it allows the couple to reflect on their journey together and reaffirm their love and commitment.

A wine box/love letter ceremony serves as a lasting reminder of the love and promises shared between two people and can be a touching and sentimental tradition in any relationship.

keep the wine box/love letter tradition going!

Once the box has been opened on the specific date, the bottle of wine has been enjoyed and the love letters read, you don’t have to stop there. Why not purchase another bottle of wine and write a second love letter to each other? Those new love letters (together with the ones placed in the box on your wedding day) can be placed in the box along with the new bottle of wine. You can set another date in the future to open the box for a second time and enjoy the whole process of opening both love letters, drinking the wine and so on!

For more information on the wine box/love letter ceremony, wedding ceremonies and other special elements or mini-ceremonies, please contact me.

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