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Ontario Certified Wedding and Family Celebrant

Hello and welcome.

I am Aileen Dockerty, a dedicated and experienced celebrant committed to crafting memorable, inclusive and meaningful ceremonies that reflect the essence of love, happiness, as well as cherished memories. Life is full of extraordinary moments that deserve to be celebrated in a unique and heartfelt way.

With many years of experience in officiating weddings, handfastings, vow renewals, celebrations of life and more, I have had the privilege of being a part of countless love stories and life milestones. My journey as a celebrant has taught me the importance of personalization, inclusivity, and the power of a meaningful ceremony.

I believe that every ceremony should be as distinct as the individuals involved. Your love story and personal values serve as the foundation for a ceremony, leaving lasting impressions for years to come.

Please explore my website to get a sense of the unique moments we can create together, turning your wishes into reality; a ceremony that is an authentic reflection of your personalities and beliefs, whether it is a small and intimate ceremony or a large and grand occasion. Let’s embark on this incredible journey of celebration, love, and happiness!

LGBTQ2S+ couples are honoured, respected and cherished.

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Wedding Ceremonies

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding plans! If you are looking for a personalized, meaningful and memorable wedding ceremony which is creatively prepared, planned and executed, you clicked the right button.

Just for you, a customized or custom written ceremony can be provided which will be styled for both of you as a couple. Your ceremony can include your romantic story to celebrate your love, your life and your future together. It will not be a template one-size-fits-all-ceremony.

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Handfasting Ceremonies

Have you been searching for information on handfasting, that often-misunderstood wedding tradition so that you can actually “tie the knot”? Are you wondering if a handfasting ceremony will acknowledge and celebrate your heritage, beliefs(s) and wishes, then please read on.

Special Elements

What on earth are special elements you may ask!  Special Elements are in fact mini-ceremonies that can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony which are symbolic and engaging by adding interest to your wedding ceremony.  

Special elements often honour traditions brought forth from other countries, religions, cultures or historic times.  New special elements are emerging as popularity increases.  They are appealing, interesting and will distinguish your ceremony from others.

Special element options are endless but include, ring warming, rock ceremony, wine ceremony, wine box/love letter ceremony, unity candle, glass breaking, unity sand ceremony, unity spice ceremony, rose ceremony, broom jumping and many more!  If your chosen special element is not listed here, please ask!

Some couples create unique and personalized rituals or traditions to reflect their relationship, such as planting a tree together or incorporating cultural practices from both families.

Adding different elements to your wedding ceremony can make your ceremony even more special and symbolic.  No two couples have travelled on the same path to arrive at their wedding day and therefore your wedding ceremony can reflect that.  It is what makes you unique as a couple which can be captured in your wedding ceremony by adding special elements to achieve that result.