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That’s easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Confirm our availability for the date, time and location of your ceremony;
  2. Select a wedding package from our available wedding packages; and
  3. Book your wedding ceremony with us through our online booking system which will be available to you upon request.  That includes payment of a $200 non-refundable retainer (by bank e-transfer or credit card), and signing your wedding ceremony contract.

A: Absolutely not.   As wedding celebrants, all ceremonies are personalized; we do not use templates or expect you to compile your own wedding ceremony – unless you really want to.

We provide you with information and a questionnaire so that you can let us know about your wishes for your ceremony and any important details about you, your relationship, your family etc.  Your questionnaire responses, as well as discussions we have with you, provide us with the right information to create a wedding ceremony just for you (within the parameters of the ceremony package selected).

To respect your privacy, we will not let others view your ceremony in any way – it is for you to experience at your wedding ceremony.

Because of all this, ceremony samples will not be provided to anyone.

Couples that book a Celebrant Ceremony will have the opportunity to review a draft of their ceremony at our second meeting and any changes or additions will be made and will be delivered on your special day.  Those couples will also receive a presentation copy of their ceremony on their wedding day.

Wedding Officiant Service Agreement between:


Hereby known as ‘Couple’.




Hereby known as ‘Officiant’.

Wedding Ceremony Information



(the “Services”)

The Officiant hereby agrees to render Wedding Officiant Services (the “Services”) for the Couple’s wedding ceremony at the date, time and location as specified in this Agreement.


Changes to this Agreement including, but not limited to the date, time, and/or location of the Ceremony must be communicated in writing by the Couple at least thirty (30) days prior to the ceremony date and approved by the Officiant with respect to availability in writing before it is confirmed.


A non-refundable retainer (the “Retainer”) in the amount of two hundred ($200) dollars is to be paid upon execution of this Agreement at which point the Officiant will reserve the date and time of the Ceremony for the Couple and the Officiant will commence Services.

The full balance of any unpaid fees including ceremony fees, rehearsal fee, if applicable, and/or travel fees, if applicable, (the “Final Balance) shall be received by the Officiant no less than Thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Ceremony.  If the Couple does not remit payment as specified thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Ceremony, the Officiant has the right to end this Agreement without further obligation to refund money, including the Retainer, or to perform the Services.

The Retainer is transferable to another date and time one time only for a maximum of twelve (12) months from the original Ceremony Date, as long as the Couple requests the change in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Ceremony and the Officiant is available.  If the Officiant is not available at the new date and/or time, all fees paid in excess of the Retainer will be refunded upon request from The Couple.


If the Couple request any additional Services in addition to those items listed in the Services section above, a ceremony upgrade and/or additional fees will apply.


If the Ceremony includes a sand ceremony, unity candle, flower ceremony and/or any other special feature, the Couple is responsible for payment of all tools as set out in the order (if any) thirty (30) days prior to the ceremony date.  If items have to be specially ordered/and or imported for the Couple, the Couple will pay the agreed price before the items will be ordered.


The Retainer and the Final Balance may be made electronically via bank e-transfer or credit card.


Cancellations must be communicated in writing. If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by the Couple at least thirty (30) days prior to the Ceremony Date, all fees paid in excess of the Retainer will be refunded.  If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by the Couple less than thirty (30) days prior to the Ceremony date, the Couple shall be responsible for full payment of Services, except for travel fees, if applicable.

If written notice of Cancellation of Services is not provided by the Couple within thirty (30) days prior to the Ceremony Date, the Couple shall be responsible for full payment of Services, including travel fees, if applicable. If written notice of Cancellation of Services is provided by the Couple, the Officiant shall be released to make commercially reasonable attempts to re-book the date and time of the Ceremony.

In the unlikely event that the Officiant is unable to perform the ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances, the Officiant will provide a replacement Officiant at no additional cost to the Couple.


The “Ceremony Start Time” listed above shall be considered the actual Ceremony Start Time and not Guest “Arrival” or “Invitation” time. The Couple agrees that the Ceremony shall begin within fifteen (15) minutes of the “Ceremony Start Time” as specified in the Agreement.  The Couple understands that they must adhere to the Start Time of their Ceremony as agreed to in this Agreement.  The Couple also acknowledges that excessive lateness in excess of fifteen (15) minutes may create a serious conflict in the Officiant’s schedule when other ceremonies must be performed by the Officiant.  If the Couple fails to abide by this term in this Agreement, the Officiant has the right to end this Agreement without further obligation to refund money, including the Retainer, or to perform the Services.


It is the Couple’s responsibility to acquire a valid Ontario marriage licence and provide the marriage licence to the Officiant in advance of the Ceremony when the Services are rendered. The Couple agrees that failure to have a valid marriage licence at the time of the Ceremony means that the Officiant cannot legally perform the marriage.


We ask for certain personal information for use in the preparation of the Couple’s wedding ceremony and to complete required legal documents pursuant to the Marriage Act of Ontario. We keep your personal information up-to-date, accurate and relevant for its intended use. We rely on you to let us know if your address, telephone number or other information you provide us changes, so that we may provide you with the best possible service.

Under no circumstance will we lend, sell or otherwise distribute this information to any other group, organization, or commercial entity.


The validity, construction and enforceability of this Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Province of Ontario.


A: Of course! We realize that many couples may want to write their own wedding ceremony and we would be happy to present the ceremony on their behalf. However, there is specific legal wording which would have to be included and we would obviously review it for you in advance to ensure that your marriage will be legal! Usual ceremony fees will apply and usually covered by the I Do Package or Personalized and Planned package (should you require additional assistance or require any certain special elements to be added).

A: Definitely! We always support couples who wish to have a friend prepare and present a symbolic wedding ceremony while we attend the ceremony and deal with the legalities. A copy of the ceremony would have to be provided to us in advance. However, it is a misconception that less time is involved in this process and that fees would be reduced. In fact, time spent by a celebrant and officiant can increase when others are preparing and presenting a ceremony and we must ensure that all legal requirements are observed in a number of ways. Remember also, that we would still be on site for the same amount of time as well. Please contact us for information.

A: Yes! – As long as you have obtained your marriage licence in Ontario, quick elopement ceremonies can be performed at any time. We will always do everything we can to accommodate a spontaneous or last minute ceremony as we don’t want anyone to have to spoil their wedding preparation time by hunting for an officiant.

A: Yes, you will need to obtain a valid marriage licence. Your marriage licence should be no more than three (3) months old on the date of your wedding. Your marriage licence must be applied for in person at any city or town hall in Ontario. Two valid pieces of Government issued identification must be presented at that time and at least one piece of ID must contain a photo (a health card is usually not accepted). If you are unable to apply together, one person can attend to apply for the marriage licence with identification for the other. A fee is payable which is slightly different for each city or town. If anyone has been married before, an original or Court certified copy of the Certificate of Divorce must be presented as well. The marriage licence (providing all supporting documentation is in order), will be issued at the same time. Please follow this link for additional information:

A: The short answer is no, never. We do not e-mail ceremony scripts. All ceremonies are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced. For those who purchase the Celebrant Ceremony package, we will meet with you to go through a draft of the ceremony in person.

This may be a little more than you want but here is a detailed outline of a wedding ceremony.  As you can see many parts are optional and often couples opt for a simpler ceremony.  On the other hand, lots of couples want to make the most out of their special moments when they agree to be married:

General Order/Flow of Wedding Ceremony

The order and content can be changed with the exception of the legal components including the pronouncement of marriage which must be included at some point throughout the ceremony and dealt with by us.

Guests Arrive and are Seated (background music suggested)

Grandparents, then parents (that are not escorting the couple) take their seats

Entry of groom and groomsmen

 Procession of bridal party then bride, both with processional music

Opening Words and Introduction, including appreciation of guests for coming long distances, etc.

Acknowledge parents/close family [optional]

 Details about reception/cocktails/dinner – [optional]

Opening poem/reading [optional]

Declaration and Consent – I Do, etc.

Symbolic request for support of marriage by parents/all guests for the bride/groom [optional]

Words about marriage

 Personal words about the couple

Second poem/reading [optional]

Introduction to exchange of vows

Wedding vows (personal (if any) followed by or preceded by legal)

Introduction to exchange of rings

Ring exchange with appropriate wording

Blessing/good wishes/symbolism regarding rings

Unity Ceremony, Handfasting or other mini-ceremony [optional]

Pronouncement of marriage

Legal document signing (background music is appropriate)

Blessing/good wishes regarding marriage

Introduction of newly married couple (Mr. and Mrs./first names as married/husband/wife. etc.)

Recession with music

Right behind you both except right after the pronouncement, final introduction and other points during the ceremony where I will stand to the side (space permitting).  You will be standing facing each other during the ceremony and then will face your guests for the final introduction.

For the signing, the officiant will advise as to the correct places in the legal documents for completion and signing by the couple and witnesses.  Any photographs you or your photographer want without me as the officiant can be taken after the signing has been completed so as not to impede the legal process of your marriage.

A: Well, yes and no.  However, a form of rehearsal is always recommended.  It will assist you in preparing for your wedding ceremony and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  There is nothing worse than feeling unsure as to what is happening next on the most special day of your life.

Many wedding venues provide (within the cost of holding your ceremony) access to the venue prior to your wedding for your rehearsal. In addition, there will often be an experienced member of staff/event planner there to assist you with your rehearsal (it would be a good idea to check if you are not sure) – so in that case, unless you specifically want us to be there, we are not really needed.

For smaller venues, which may allow access for an hour or so without assistance of a member of staff, then yes, you may want us there to assist you with your rehearsal.  There is an additional fee of $200 for us to attend at your venue to conduct a rehearsal.

Alternatively, you can run your own rehearsal if you wish at the venue or elsewhere.

In any event, rehearsals are ALWAYS recommended. You will definitely be glad that you took the time to rehearse for your special day when it actually happens!

A: Don’t worry, we know the right questions to ask and we can put the ceremony together for you without adding to your stress. You have enough to think about and because we specialize in the art of ceremony, you can pass all that on to us.

A: Our process is somewhat unique in this “neck of the woods”. As wedding celebrants, our primary goal is to custom write or at least customize and personalize your wedding ceremony. To do that, we do not use templates as also contained in this FAQ section. After the booking process has been completed, we send out to you some wedding ceremony information with certain documents, as well as a link to your personalized portal. In the portal (among other things) is a questionnaire pertaining to your ceremony – each questionnaire is different depending upon the package selected. We ask that you complete the questionnaire in advance of any in-person or Zoom meeting. Our questionnaire asks various questions so that we can prepare a ceremony that is right for you. Upon meeting with you via Zoom or in person (depending upon your ceremony package selection) we review the questionnaire in detail, answer any of your questions, obtain clarification on answers, and provide you with options as to the content of the ceremony. At the same time, we can run through the order of the ceremony, the procession and any other details you wish to discuss. We want you to feel comfortable about the ceremony and your wedding day. We realize that the ceremony can be the most daunting of all of the events on your wedding day and we will do everything possible to make you feel relaxed and comfortable at the most special moment in time.

A: The only requirement for a ceremony is the couple, a valid Ontario license and two witnesses. Your ceremony can be held at your home, a golf club, restaurant or almost anywhere else you can think of. Even your own living room. It is your choice.. where ever your heart desires (within legal boundaries, of course), you decide!

Remember, most wedding venues are able to accommodate your wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Often there are outside locations with garden and landscape backdrops for ceremonies which make beautiful photographs (weather permitting of course).

A: The cost of a wedding ceremony with us can be as low as $495 for a traditional, no fuss ceremony.

For personal, custom written celebrant ceremonies, those are $595 and can include two meetings, a “special element” addition including handfasting, ring warming, wine box/love letter, and many more (if desired).

We also offer a small elopement ceremony at $395 (on certain dates) together with a marriage legalization at $250, subject to availability.   More information is contained on our pricing page at:  View Pricing.

Please see our Wedding Ceremony Pricing and Packages page for detailed information.

A: Regrettably we are not able put your ceremony time/date on a hold status without a booking fee/deposit of $100.

A:  Your “Ceremony Start Time”  (not “Guest Arrival Time” or “Invitation Time”)  is scheduled at the time you book your ceremony from the time provided to us by you.  That time is set aside just for you and your ceremony.

Your ceremony should start on time or within 15 minutes of the Ceremony Start Time.  Otherwise, if we have other ceremonies on the same day, your ceremony will be affected.  Should we have other ceremonies after yours, we may have to condense your ceremony or leave to conduct another ceremony booked that day to fulfill our obligation to other couples.  It may be possible for us to return at a later time (although not guaranteed), subject to an additional fee.  If we don’t have to perform a ceremony for another couple after yours, and the wait time exceeds fifteen (15) minutes, an additional fee will also apply to be paid at that time.

A: Of course, all couples are able to review and approve their own wedding ceremonies which can be amended with the Custom Written Ceremony Package.  As wedding celebrants, our primary skill is in writing a custom ceremony for you.  Please note, however, that for other ceremony packages, additional fees will apply should you wish to approve drafts in advance – remember our goal is to create a ceremony just for you and they are always customized, subject to the ceremony package description parameters.  Additional work in meeting with you to review ceremony drafts for your approval takes significant time and for that, your ceremony will cost a little more.  We never send ceremonies out via e-mail – they are sensitive and can evoke significant emotion upon reading which is why we always meet with you in person to review drafts.  Please also see our FAQ relating to presenting a ceremony you have written.

Special Elements are mini-ceremonies incorporated into your wedding ceremony which add something extra special to your wedding. Special elements are traditions brought forth from other countries, different religions or historic times. New special elements are emerging as popularity increases. Adding different traditions to your wedding ceremony can make your ceremony even more special and symbolic. No two couples have travelled on the same path to arrive at their wedding day and therefore their wedding ceremony should reflect that. It is what makes you unique as a couple that should be captured in your wedding ceremony, and special elements assist in achieving that goal.

We are often asked by couples (because they loved their ceremony) if they can have a copy of it.  We really understand how important it is to have a keepsake of your wedding ceremony throughout your happy marriage.  At one time, only those who purchased a Celebrant Ceremony package were routinely given a presentation copy of their ceremony.  However, given increasing requests for a copy of a very special ceremony, upon request, a copy of your ceremony in a presentation folder can be provided to you for a nominal fee of $50.  However, please note that this is for you to keep as a reminder of your wedding ceremony but the text of the ceremony cannot be reproduced in any way.

Aileen will arrive at the venue approximately 15 to 20 minutes in advance of the ceremony start time so that it can start promptly.

A: Yes, we are able to assist you if you are not affiliated with a church. We are able to officiate many different types of ceremonies. Please call or e-mail us and we will be able to create a wedding ceremony which is just right for you.

A: Yes, we can make the ceremony as short as you want provided the correct words are included in the ceremony which are required by the Marriage Act of Ontario. We can provide you with those words in advance so that you will be familiar with that part of the ceremony.

Please bear in mind that most wedding ceremonies are over very quickly and cannot be repeated as such. Many couples have regretted very short ceremonies and told us that they wished they had allowed more time for such a memorable and meaningful event.


A: $200 non-refundable deposit/retainer is due at the time of booking to confirm your booking. We regret that until the ceremony is confirmed with a deposit, your date and time remains available to other couples.
Final Invoice payable 30 days prior to the Ceremony
Prices subject to change without notice
* We Accept Bank E-Transfers and major credit cards

If you can not find the information you are looking for please contact me and I will be happy answer any questions you have.