personalized wedding ceremonies

Congratulations on your engagement and the beginning of your exciting journey of love and commitment.

From the start to the final “I do,” I will work with you to understand your vision, values, and preferences.  Then I will be able to weave a narrative that reflects you both as a couple, leaving your guests heartened by the sincerity of your commitment.


My role extends beyond merely officiating your wedding; I am here to be a dependable and calming presence during the ceremony planning process and can alleviate certain stresses that you may be feeling about your wedding ceremony that are sometimes inevitable.  I can offer any guidance and support you need to step into this new chapter of your lives together.  My goal is to create and deliver a ceremony that leaves you with lasting and cherished memories.

inclusive, individualized and diverse wedding ceremonies

With a deep respect for diverse cultures, beliefs, gender and traditions, I am committed to creating inclusive ceremonies that embrace your individuality. Whether you envisage a traditional ceremony, a contemporary celebration, a short and sweet occasion, a spiritual union, or a blend of various elements, I am here to craft an authentic experience that resonates with you and your guests.

Thank you for considering me as the one to stand with you both on your special day. A personalized ceremony that embodies you and your values would be my pleasure.  Together, let’s embark on this beautiful adventure!

Photograph credit for superb wedding photography: Lisa Hughes Photography at Deer Creek Banquet Facility

Pricing for our wedding and other ceremonies can be viewed below on this page under “Packages“.

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Certified Wedding Celebrant Giving You Choices

As a certified wedding celebrant and ceremony specialist, I believe that a couple planning to marry should have a wealth of choices for their wedding ceremony.

However, talking about choices, I do know that many couples would prefer a short and sweet ceremony without any customization.  Because your wedding ceremony is all about you, your choices and your lives, that is also something that I support and offer as a service as well. 

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be copying text from the internet, it will be a ceremony written by me which takes care of everything you would expect in a ceremony including the legalities, ring exchange and your own personal vows.

LGBTQ2S+ couples are honoured, respected and cherished.

You can buy a mass-produced item anywhere which will be adequate, but anything custom made will be something that is right for you.

Special Elements

For those couples who would like to add something extra onto their wedding ceremony for a truly unique occasion, please consider adding some special elements.  Many special elements are derived from varying cultures and traditions going back centuries and often from different countries.  All will add a new twist to your ceremony and give you something extra to remember going forward in your everyday life as a married couple.

Examples of special elements unity ceremonies incorporating a range of different materials and tools (including sand, spices, gin, beer), handfasting, glass breaking, wine ceremony, love letter/wine ceremony or perhaps a rock or ring warming ceremony as part of your special day.  The possibilities and options are certainly endless.

Photo credit for this stunning photo above goes to Samantha Ong Photography at Willow Springs Winery

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Custom Celebrant wedding ceremonies

Custom Celebrant wedding ceremonies are written and designed exclusively for you. Your ceremony will be completely distinctive and personalized because, we:

  • Don’t use cookie cutter ceremonies
  • Every word has been written by me (even if you want just short and sweet)
  • The ceremony is uniquely yours

Life’s most significant moments deserve to be celebrated in a way that reflects your unique journey and love story. While there are many officiating options available, choosing a trained, certified and professional celebrant offers unique benefits.

As a celebrant, I am able to tailor the ceremony to your beliefs, values, and cultural background.

From crafting a script to ensuring the ceremony flows smoothly, I pay meticulous attention to every aspect to make your day memorable.

Your unique story is one-of-a-kind, and your ceremony should be too. I will work closely with you to understand your journey as a couple, your values, and your wishes, crafting a ceremony that is true to your personalities and style. 

If you want a simple, short and sweet ceremony, I can assist you with that as well.  After all, it is your ceremony and your special day.

Expressing your feelings can be overwhelming, especially on your big day. I can provide guidance and support to help you write heartfelt vows that will leave a lasting impression on each other and your guests.

If you wish to include special symbolic rituals like a sand ceremony, handfasting, or unity candle lighting, I can help incorporate them into your ceremony, adding deeper meaning and significance.

No matter what type of ceremony you choose, it will be meaningful and memorable.

Photo credit for the awesome shot below to Samuel Meggs Photography at Deer Creek Golf and Banquet Facility.

WEDDING CEREMONY packages and pricing


simply pure CeremonY

Relaxed and Carefree Experience

Ideal for couples that want a no-fuss ceremony
We prepare the ceremony for you
Make your own personal vows (if desired)
Marriage Licence information
Preparation of marriage documents and submit for registration
Inclusive pricing – no additional tax.


I Do Wedding Ceremony

Traditional Ceremony

Inclusive Experience

For couples who want a cuztomized ceremony
Officiate Wedding Ceremony
We prepare the ceremony for you
Ceremony created can be customized based on your wishes
Make your own personal vows to each other
Includes a Zoom/telephone initial meeting and ongoing support
Access to client wedding ceremony portal
Marriage Licence information
Optional Customizations
Preparation of marriage documents and submit for registration
Inclusive pricing – no additional tax


Custom Written

Forever Ceremony

My Signature Celebrant Ceremony

Includes all I Do Package Features
Ceremony is custom written for you
Can include one special element (if desired), ie handfasting, wine box/love letter, ring warming, sand ceremony, rock ceremony and many more
Can Include two meetings to plan your ceremony
For additional personalization, the ceremony can include a written “story” about your journey together
Personal guidance and planning of your ceremony
Personally written vows or assistance with vows
Presentation Folder with full Ceremony Script – a lasting reminder of your wedding day!
Inclusive pricing – no additional tax


Please note that availability is always subject to change and is only guaranteed upon booking.  A $200 retainer will secure your booking with the balance payable 30 days prior to the ceremony date.

Wedding ceremony packages do not include a rehearsal.  Rehearsals are priced at $200 except for a Friday through Sunday rehearsal which is $275.  Rehearsals with the Custom Written package are $175. Your venue may include within their fee structure, access to the ceremony space and a staff member to assist with your rehearsal instead.  

For additional information on wedding ceremony services and booking terms and conditions, please see the FAQ page.

Special elements can be added to the Small and Simple (details below), the Elopement and I Do packages such as handfasting, sand ceremony, ring warming, rock ceremony, wine ceremony, wine/love letter ceremony, unity candle, glass breaking, rose ceremony, broom jumping and many more.  Additional fees will apply to special elements and are set out on our special elements page.  If your special element is not listed, please ask for pricing.  The Celebrant Ceremony includes a special element in its pricing structure.


Legalization of Marriage services can also be provided, depending upon your needs.

This legalization of marriage is a very short service. Perfect for couples that are planning a larger destination wedding or those that want just two witnesses in attendance. Pricing is $250 inclusive for the couple and two witnesses (4 in total). A ring exchange and your personal vows are always included in all services. To allow for additional guests in attendance and a full ceremony, the Small and Simple Package ($375 inclusive – up to 8 guests), the Elopement Package or our I Do Ceremony package would be appropriate.

Two witnesses are required for any marriage in Ontario. However, recognizing that couples have different needs, we can also provide two witnesses at $35 each which is paid by us directly to the witnesses.

All ceremonies comply with the Ontario Marriage Act and Regulations.


A wedding ceremony rehearsal, whether conducted by your venue, wedding planner or in your own living room is a MUST for peace of mind and flow of the ceremony – it also makes your wedding party feel more at ease. Please see our article on rehearsals at Do I Need a Rehearsal?

For my attendance at your rehearsal, there is a fee of $200 ($275 for Friday through Sunday rehearsals) which will be added to the cost of your wedding ceremony. Additional travel fees may apply outside of our normal service area.


Pricing for a full handfasting ceremony without legalities is $495. For combined wedding and handfasting ceremonies, a charge of $85 is added to the cost of your selected ceremony package. Our custom written forever ceremony can include a handfasting ceremony as your chosen special element. 

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